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Music Lessons


Recording Studio

We are passionate about education in a positive and motivational way! We teach all instruments such as piano, bass, guitar, voice, cello, violin, all brass instruments etc.

Contact us to find out more regarding our Jam Sessions, Events and Performances!

We offer a world-class environment with the best combination of analog and digital equipment, and amazing musical instruments. Available to all of our clients and students by appointment

Our mission at California MusicBox is to train, educate and develop our students to excel not only in music but in everything they do. Developing the musicianship of our students is only the foundation. We believe that being part of our family, you learn self discipline, build confidence and you create the empathy, openness and curiosity which is essential to creativity. Music is just a powerful force for the kind of personal growth that any of our students should go through in order to develop the necessary physical, intellectual and social skills, which are fundamental life skills.

Our Music School is located in Northridge CA

Live Love Life with Music.


Don't worry we always keep it fun and interesting!

8990 Tampa Ave


CA 91324

Our studio is open 7 days a week:


By Appointment only


Ready to book a session? 

Text us at 818-450-4684

Call us at 818-960-2700

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