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In School and After School 

Introducing our comprehensive plan for a series of engaging after-school and in-school enrichment classes, meticulously designed to foster the talents and social-emotional growth of all students over a 12-week period. As approved public school LAUSD, vendors and fully insured, our program offers a diverse range of classes meticulously crafted to nurture valuable skills and cultural appreciation, ensuring age-appropriate content and instruction.

Class Overview:

1. **Introduction to Music**
  - Description: Inspire elementary school children with the enchanting world of music, fostering social-emotional skills, conflict resolution abilities, and cultural appreciation.

2. **Voice Class:*
   - Description: Unleash students' vocal prowess, empowering them to express themselves confidently through singing while fostering teamwork and harmony.

3. **Ukulele & Voice Class:**
   - Description: Dive into the world of music with playful ukulele lessons, promoting teamwork, creativity, and basic musical skills through joyful songs and chords.

4. **Percussion Class:**
- Description: Embark on a rhythmic journey, exploring beats and rhythms to enhance coordination, focus, and appreciation for diverse cultural music.

5. **Musical Theater Class:**
  - Description: Immerse students in the magic of musical theater, blending acting, singing, and dancing to cultivate confidence, creativity, and teamwork.

6. **Guitar Class:**
   - Description: Introduce young musicians to the art of guitar playing, fostering creativity, discipline, and fine motor skills.

7.  **Recorder Class:**

       - Description: Explore the melodic world of the recorder, teaching students basic techniques, reading and melodies, promoting musical expression and appreciation


8. **Magic Class:**
   - Description: Unlock the secrets of illusion, stimulating problem-solving skills, creativity, and presentation abilities through the captivating world of magic.

9. **Chess Group:**
   - Description: Engage in strategic thinking and problem-solving with chess, enhancing cognitive skills, creativity, and analytical abilities.

Why Choose Our Program?

- **Boost Social-Emotional Skills:** Cultivate teamwork, communication, and cooperation.

- **Conflict Resolution:** Learn to navigate differences harmoniously.

- **Cultural Appreciation:** Explore diverse musical traditions, embracing cultural richness.

Social-Emotional Development and Cultural Appreciation:

Our classes seamlessly integrate social-emotional learning (SEL) and cultural appreciation, fostering conflict resolution, empathy, and communication through collaborative activities and discussions. Exposure to various musical styles and cultures promotes cultural awareness and appreciation.


Program Details:

- Each class runs usually for six weeks to 12 weeks, meeting once a week for one hour, however we can always adjust it to accommodate your needs and schedule. 
- Classes are scheduled after school hours for convenience.
- Experienced and certified instructors lead each class.
- We offer a final performance or showcase for parents and guardians at the end of each 12-week session to celebrate children's achievements.

We're committed to accommodating and adjusting our programs to suit your schedule seamlessly. Let's embark on this enriching journey together!

Contact us for more details. 

Music Class
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